Sunday, 2 August 2009

Abbey Horizons - Points of View

I have been distracted with other things lately and not done much photography. Certainly this occasional blog has become a little too occasional. Some catching up to do. A case in point being the mini points of view held by the Abbey-Horizons group (a photo group in search of a better name). I had a very enjoyable evening back in June doing the shoot. Sadly though, due to other commitments, I couldn't attend the judging evening the week before last. So I thought I should post my efforts here.

The rules for the night were same as the real Points of View competition. A set time inside a set area to take photos to a set brief. In this mini version we had 3 hours, 5 subjects and a good portion of Cambridge to play with.

The briefs were:

1. Vehicle - "Not necessarily a picture of a bus, car, bike, etc, but one where at least part of a vehicle contributes substantially."

2. Vibrant Colour - "Any colour(s). Any subject."

3. From a Low Viewpoint - "Where the impact is dependent on the viewpoint."

4. Window(s) - "Through it, reflected from it, a feature of it etc. Any way you like."

5. Free Style - "For those adverse to a prescriptive approach."

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  1. Paul, lovely to see your interpretation of the brief. Brian is preparing another PoV for 26 August, so...

    Sue B-H