Thursday, 8 October 2009

Some More Cambridge Low Light Pictures

I haven't been taking any pictures lately, and I am still playing around with the pictures I took at Derwent Water in September. So, for the sake of putting a post up, here are a few more low light pictures from the, now not very recent, Abbey Horizons shoot.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Another Abbey Horizons Points of View

In the middle of September there was another mini Points of View Competition organised for members of the Abbey Horizons group. Just like the last one, this was modelled on the annual competition of the same name, only a little smaller. With the nights already drawing in, the feel of this evening was very different to the previous event held at the height of summer. The themes were:

1. Debris, decay or dereliction.

2. Church or churchyard detail.

3. Artificial light.

4. Freestyle.

However, as well as taking one picture for each of the 4 subjects, there was also the option to do a panel of 5 images on just one of the subjects. Since night photography is a passion of mine, I chose an artificial light panel. For the panel I concentrated on picking people out againt the lighting.