Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Early Light - Windemere

I love the Lake District and go there often. But for me, the true beauty and drama of the Lake District is the fells, and all my visits tend to revolve around climbing them. In fact, I don't believe you can truly claim to have experienced the Lake District unless you have climbed at least one. I am not suggesting everyone should take on a winter traverse of Striding Edge or attempt to break the record for completing the Bob Graham Round. But you should at least struggle up Catbells on a sunny summers afternoon.

Having said that, it is sometimes good spend a little time in the places with which most people associate the area, namely the lakes* themselves. The second day of my recent trip, saw us passing Windemere early on a Saturday on the way to Coniston. The light on the water and the frost on the ground were beautiful. So despite a full day's business in the hills ahead of us, we opted to stop for an hour to take advantage of the conditions.

* Pedant's point: There is, of course, technically only one Lake in the Lake District, Bassenthwaite. The rest are Meres, Waters and Tarns.

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  1. Paul

    I have only today started to look at your Blog and that was by pure chance. WHAT I've missed for your images are stunning and I've so enjoyed looking at them this evening. I'm on my way to Blencathra in just over a week and am hoping that there might be some snowfall whilst I'm up there. Your images above have certainly made me feel like packing the car tonight... Keep these lovely images coming in - please!