Saturday, 16 June 2012

1940s Weekend on the Great Central Railway

Last weekend, I went to a 40's re-enactment weekend on the Great Central Railway, between Loughborough and Leicester.  People photography isn't really my forte, but I do enjoy these kind of historical re-enactments.  The participants are always more than happy to pose.  I have been to similar events Ramsey a couple of times, but this was my first time at one on a steam railway.  The historic setting and the trains added  to the whole experience.

The organisers took advantage of the multiple locations that the line offered to divide up the participants.

Quorn & Woodhouse station was in the home front.

Rothley station was firmly in the hands of the Germans.  But they were serving Erdinger, so it wasn't all bad.

Leicester North became Le Birstall, in occupied France, for the day and saw skirmishes between the occupiers and the resistance.

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