Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Paralympic Athletics

Some pictures from inside the Olympic Stadium on the evening of "Thriller Thursday" during the Paralympics, which saw Gold for Hannah Cockcroft (No. 2), David Weir (No. 3 of 4) and Johnny Peacock (just the one, but a bloody good one).  The sound of 80,000 people chanting the name of the 19 year old Cambridgeshire lad, something not done for Bolt, Farah or even Ennis, will stick with me.

Excuse time.  I am not a sports photographer.  I lack the passion, skill and lenses for this type of photography.  And whilst our seats were good, just 19 rows back from track-side, they weren't perfect as they were the opposite side of the stadium to the finishing straight (which was unfortunate on a night with mainly 100m and 2oom finals).  So these shots are very much just a record of a great night.

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