Friday, 29 March 2013

Ghosts of Winter

The March snows, that covered the much of the country last weekend, reached as far as St Neots.  Although nothing compared with the north-west we did have a couple of centimetres worth.  I had intended to get some shots of spring flowers in the snow.  But the all the cold weather has delayed most spring blooms and the few that were out were buried.  A new plan was needed. 

I took inspiration from images that Sue had shown in a recent club talk, featuring intentional camera blur.  The churchyard of St Mary's Church in Eaton Socon made a suitable subject.  The brightness of the snow required a minimum aperture and a polariser to give me workable shutter times of an eighth to a tenth of a second.  Just enough to move the camera a little during exposure.   The technique is very hit and miss, but after a few hundred shots I ended up with some I quite like.  The ghostly feel of these shots conveys to me the mood of the day and location.

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