Sunday, 29 December 2013

Westward Ho! in Mono

I have heard it said that a tradition is just something you have done for 3 years or more.  One of my Christmas traditions, of recent years, is a Boxing Day visit to Westward Ho!, a place I spent many summer Sundays of my childhood.  The main  purpose was to get out the house and get some fresh sea air, but I usually find something to photograph, be it windsurfers or strand-line debris.  This time I was keen to try some long exposure pictures for mono conversion, particularly of the tidal swimming pool. 

I arrived at high tide, so I could shoot as it receded, uncovering the pool.  Sadly, this was also the middle of the day, the last of the 3 day lull between storm fronts, and I had to contend with bright sun causing difficulties for the long exposures I wanted.  I can't say I am very happy with the results either compositionally or regarding the mono conversion.  This just means I will have to have another go next year.

Sadly, as the tide went out, the cloud came in.  So it will take another trip to get a shot of this derelict house, that is slowly losing its battle with the sea, under better light and with a more dramatic sky.

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