Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Photo 24 2016: From Dusk Till Dawn

Regular visitors to this blog will know that night photography is one of my 'things'.  So it should come as no surprise that the main reason I take part in Photo24 is the opportunity to shoot through the night, in the heart of the city, in the company of other 'togs.   Sadly, this year, much of our plans regarding the night shoots didn't survive contact with the weather. 

Vic and I chose to miss the scheduled sunset meet at Westminster Bridge, instead heading for Tower Bridge.  A large bank of cloud to the west ensured that the sunset was less than thrilling.  Although, it did catch an attractive afterglow for a while.  The looming cloud bank should really have tipped us off as to what was to come.  By 11pm we had reached the next meet-up point, at Liverpool Street station, for a late night walk through the City.  Probably half the people taking part in the event (maybe a 100 or so) had chosen to join in this walk and we all set off in a big long line.  We didn't get far.  No sooner had we reached the Gherkin than the rain hit with a vengeance.  Sixty or so 'togs made it to shelter under the eaves of the Gherkin and we spent the next hour there, whilst the rain came down in stair-rods.  All credit to the building security, who were very understanding about the whole thing.  Apologies to the customers of the bar inside, many of whom apparently delayed going home, to find out which celebrity had drawn such a big group of 'paparazzi'.  Eventually, the rain stopped and we completed a shortened version of the walk, reaching St Paul's in time to watch the building illumination be turned off for the night. 

From St Paul's Vic and I hopped a night bus back to the West-end.  We rested for a while in a McDonalds on the Strand; the night-time clientèle of which could best be described as 'colourful' and 'lively'.    Fully caffeinated, we moved on to the sunrise meet at Westminster Bridge.  Again that same troublesome cloud bank saw off the sunrise.  Photo24 has been running for 4 years and, I'm told, they haven't had a decent sunrise yet.  Oh well, maybe next year.

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