Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Swanage and Lyme Regis

I spent my last few days in Dorset based in Swanage.  I had chosen it because I was keen to get a long exposure shot of the old pier.  Sadly, on arrival, I discovered that the only decent view of the old pier was from the new pier.  And the new pier was closed for major renovations.  Oh well, next time.  Elsewhere in the town, the only thing to catch my eye was a quirky two tier set of block built beach huts.  I liked the shapes and door colours.  I opted to shoot them fairly early in the morning, when the low sun lit them full on.

After Swanage, it was off to North Devon for a few days with an old friend.  No photos there, but on the way I stopped in Lyme Regis.  I got there around 5.30pm, when the light was lovely and the crowds had mostly gone.  I spent an hour or so shooting around the Cobb.  I was particularly taken by a young women meditating on the Cobb.  She looked at once both frail and serene against the backdrop of sea and stone.  Although as soon as she was finished with her meditation, she lit a cigarette and started scrolling through her phone, which kind of broke the spell.

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