Thursday, 19 July 2012

Brick Lane Market

After having spent a couple of hours at Columbia Road, I moved a few streets over to Brick Lane market.  Ranging over the length of Brick Lane and the neighbouring streets, this is a much bigger Sunday market.  It is also far more eclectic.  No floral focus here.  Instead it ranged from vintage clothing, globe spanning street food and designer cupcakes at one end (both geographically and socially); through traditional general market sundries; and down to forlorn characters trying to sell any old rubbish off sheets laid out on the pavement.  Here the desperately trending rub shoulders with the just desperate.

So, plenty of photo opportunities.  But, like Columbia Road, the crowds made it tricky to get a decent shot.  Plus there was more of an 'edge' here.  I was warned off taking a photo a couple of times.  If I come again, I may well use a more discreet camera and see what that gets me.

This guy was taking on all-comers at chess, playing two opponents simultaneously.

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