Wednesday, 5 June 2013


On the last full day of my recent trip to Wales, I made an early start and took a trip up Snowdon via the PYG track.  I reached the top in good time but, as is so often the case, could see nothing but mist.  Deciding to make a day of it, I crossed to the otherside of the horseshoe to tackle Y Lliwedd.  As I neared the top, the mist started to clear from Snowdon behind me.  At first just enough for this shot.

Eventually, it cleared sufficiently to allow me to make the 10 shot panorama below.  A few minutes after that the mist closed in again and Snowdon was gone.  Sometimes it's just a matter of timing and luck.

This was my final hill training exercise before I tackle considerably bigger hills.  This weekend I am off to Tanzania to climb first Mount Meru and then Mount Kilimanjaro.  I am taking more camera gear than is strictly good for me and hope to have some decent shots to post here in a couple of weeks time.

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