Thursday, 22 August 2019

Wimpole in Infrared

Just before my birthday, back in May, I took my old Canon 40D to Advanced Camera Services in Watton, to get it converted to infrared.  Two months later, I finally got it back.  For it's first outing, I took it to Wimpole.  The forecast promised a day of sunshine and cloud, which would have been ideal.  Sadly, there was a little more cloud than sun, but it was still good enough for a first try.  I had researched which of my Canon lens would be best to use to ensure no 'hotspots' and opted to stick with my 24mm EF-S STM.

Next came the image processing.  This has been something of a steep learning curve, but thanks to Ian's Digital Techniques group notes and several YouTube tutorials, I am getting the hang of it.

First off, I went for some simple mono conversions.

Next, for a couple of the images that had no sky, I played with the hue and saturations in Lightroom alone.

Finally, I dived into 'channel swapping', using Photoshop to change reds to blues, and blues to reds.  These would have been stronger with a better sky, but I am happy with them for a first go.

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