Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cornwall - 7 Days in 7 Landscapes

After some delay, here is a selection of landscape images taken during my holiday in Sennen.  One landscape for each day I was there.

Saturday.  The forecast had warned that the best of the weather would be in the first two days.  So as soon as we had unpacked, we headed off to catch a sunset at Porth Nanven (or possibly Cot Valley Beach, depending on who you listen to).  Low tide at this beach reveals some impressive rock formations.  Sadly, the tide this evening was very much in.  And, as so often happens when I try to shoot a coastal sunset, the sun set behind a low lying cloud bank.  But I did manage a pleasing shot of the after glow.

Sunday.  A pre-dawn start and we were off to Marazion to shoot St Michael's Mount at sunrise.  Just as the night before, tide and cloud weren't kind.  So, we were denied the classic side-lit shot of the mount with partially covered causeway.  With the causeway fully under water, I used a nearby concrete substitute as foreground interest,and whilst the mount never properly lit, the sky did briefly get some colour.

Monday.  A foggy morning gave way slowly to drizzle and then flat grey skies.  We headed to the tin mine ruins at Botallack and I tried some Ian style foggy minimalist shots.  The shot below was as good as I managed.  Not a successful day photographically, but we had a pleasant walk along the coastal path to Cape Cornwall and back.

Tuesday.  This day set the pattern for the next couple.  A rained off morning, followed by a pasty for lunch and an afternoon trying to get creative on Sennen beach.  I tried various long exposure combinations of rocks and waves.  However, my favourite shot of the day was a more standard arrangement, with a fortunately placed mother and child (and that all important splash of red).

Wednesday.  Another wet morning and an afternoon of rock and surf shots.  The weather improved a little toward evening, and we headed back to Botallack.  For this shot of the cliff-side engine houses I used a 10-stop filter to lengthen the exposure to 70 seconds, allowing the crashing waves to turn to a white fringe around the rocks.

Thursday.  More 10-stop work.  This time of the underside of the lifeboat slipway at Sennen, taken whilst sheltering from another shower.. 

Friday.  My last day.  I had to leave a day early due to CCC duties.  But I was compensated by one of the best mornings of the week.  Vic and I walked the coast path from Sennen to Lands End.  A short work beyond the tourist trap was a great view of a sea arch.  We had to wait out a brief shower, but eventually the clouds broke and the low sun lit the arch.  The 10-stop filter was deployed again to provide more white fringes.  We headed back to the cottage, stopping for one last pasty, and cloud came back in as I started t pack.

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