Thursday, 4 October 2012

Shoreditch Street Art

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day strolling around Shoreditch taking photos of the street art.  Thanks to other committments, it has taken this long to post the shots.

"This picture just shows other people's art" is an oft used criticism by camera club judges.  However, just showing "other peoples art" isn't always a bad thing.  Especially in the case of street art, which by its nature is ephemeral.  I doubt any of this work will exist the next time I visit.

Finally, whilst not exactly art, this images shows the humour of the area.  It also speaks to the dichotomy of Shoreditch.  An area in the process of gentrification.  Here moneyed hipsters with city or media jobs rub shoulders with those who have no jobs.  I saw a dozen or more trendy little designer clothes boutiques and this place all within a couple of streets.  In its way this is another piece of ephemera.  In a few years there will be no room places like this in the old East End.

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